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    Just wondering if anyone is having problems with their wifi?

    The wifi works good for me when I'm in the same room as my router, but if I move into the next room it is unpredictable. On both my laptops I get around 75-85% signal strength in this room.

    It seems like something happens that causes it to die, and will only work again if I turn off and turn back on wifi on the pre. When it works it is nice and fast, it just doesn't stay connected.

    I may try remoting into the phone later today after this happens to check out the log files to see if I can get a hint as to what is happening. Maybe the wpa_supplicant log will give me an idea.

    Any comments?
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    Sounds like more of a router thing maybe? I know my Pre is actually the most solid wireless connection in my home where we have quite a few wireless connections going at all times for the most part and my Pre has a solid link to my router before I get to the front door. My laptops on the otherhand are up and down randomlt throughout the house. I am running wireless N gigabit routers atm and the only thing that took me a few occasions of "*** is that on my network" is how the Pre show up on my DHCP list blank except for the IP it's been assigned.
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    that's crazy. I got an issue with my wifi that it won't turn off by itself. My wifi always stays on unless I disconnect it manually.
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    I haven't had any problems with my router before. I've had guests at the house using it with their laptops with no problems too..

    Its not a huge deal, but I just wanted to know if it was an issue with the pre in general. I'll assume it is not because of your post. Thanks.

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