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    After installing a patch I've used many times, and trusted, preware decided to not recognize anything I had installed, I couldn't remove any patches, or my theme..D:

    I doctored the phone, and now apparently I cannot connect my phone to my pc..
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    it wont connect because you have to inable the dev mode. type in upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart
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    Anytime you reset or doctor the phone you have to turn dev mode back on. First time i did mine it took a few dumb looks and ideas later that duh had to turn the dev mode on.
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    did you manage to get this sorted? i am having huge issues with my pre.
    basically.. i installed an update without removing theme etc and it messed up certain patches. i decided to remove all my patches and restart luna etc..but i still couldnt install certain things.
    so i decided to use web doc and it went weird and kinda froze.. i tired to turn phone off and remove battery.. it seems to have completely messed it up, i cant restart my phone or even turn it off and it wont connect to the computer. it will only charge

    can someone please help?
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    I fixed my issue, I did re-enable dev-mode after the doctoring, after a few more reboots, I was able to get my phone to recognize my computer, and got done what I needed.

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