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    Hello all,

    I just recently joined the forum after a few weeks of visiting and navigating the site. I have been a loyal blackberry user for years. I've dabbled with other platforms but always came back to the berry and until recently have been very satisfied with the platform. The issue for me is the lack of innovation with the operating system. The mobile communication space has never been more competitive and it is becoming even more so daily. I tried to wait it out with RIM, but when it takes 7 minutes to load and display a site on the browser, enough is enough. I am very interested in what the Pre has to offer. I played with one at a Sprint store and liked it very much but before i make the jump I do have a few questions though.
    1. Is there any way to clean up the resolution on the caller id picture of a contact? the profile pic was clear but when a call came through the pic was not clear at all.
    2. Since I probably wont be using it as my primary media player is 8gb enough storage or should i wait for the 16gb pre plus?
    3. I understand how notifications are handled (for the most part) but if a sms comes in does it automatically show a preview of the text or can i keep it hidden until i decide to look at it?
    I will probably have more questions, but i'll stop here for now.

    Thanks in advance for all the help
    P.S. I just returned my bb 9700 today so im gonna need a phone soon
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    1. yes
    2. maybe
    3. yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by chud311 View Post
    1. yes
    2. maybe
    3. yes
    he's got the same answers that I was going to post, no word on pre plus heading to sprint, but you can always try verizon on jan 25. The sms preview you can see a lil part of the text normally, but you can enable show notification while locked in the screen and lock app.

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