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    This was showcased for the iPhone, but they say in the video that it's an open platform and could be ported to other phones...

    I REALLY want one!
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    me too! that looks so cool!! i saw that a few days ago and was like !!!!
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    Amazing! Looks like a ton of fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by txtmikhail View Post
    I could careless about that..
    but yet you found the time/need to let everyone know. niiice The thread walks away enriched. LOL
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    If they can figure a way to fire missiles from it then I'd be interested.
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    I saw this the other day and it looks awesome! My question is what if you don't have wifi nearby? It said it is powered by wifi technology to get the control from your phone to the helicopter
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    Chaos.. thats the problem. The helicopter broadcasts a wifi hotspot but wifi hot spots are very short range. Hence why all the videos have the helicopter hanging out near the person controlling it.
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    Now that this thing is hitting the stores in April 2011 - has any developer looked into porting this to WebOS, yet? Would be a shame if the only controller for this would be the iPhone ...
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    i saw the video for this too. looks amazing. i would def get one.
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    I wonder how high this thing can get off the ground. I know the guy said in the video that it's got a potential range of 50meters (164feet). I wonder if that applys to the z-axis as well.

    I do architectural CGI, and something like this would be a great asset for getting video footage of a site to take and do a camera match motion capture.

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