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    I don't know what had happened to my Pre.
    First , it couldn't connect to my PC.
    After few intended resets, it stuck in the booting Palm logo.

    Had taken the battery over twenty minutes and attempted to turn on again.
    Same result. Any idea?
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    You might have to reset the phone. Hopefully you have your data backed up... Did you install any patches or plugins?

    I believe the proper thing to do is take out the battery, hold the volume up button and re-insert the battery. I can't remember off the top of my head, how to put the pre into recovery mode.


    Found it, you will need to use the WebOS Doctor after the recovery mode has been enabled.

    # Insert the USB cable into the AC charger, and insert the AC charger into a wall outlet.
    # Remove and reinsert the phone battery. See Replace the battery.
    # Press and hold the volume up button, and insert the USB cable into the phone.
    # A large USB icon should appear on the phone screen.
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    I've got the USB icon. Now what should I do?
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    download the webos doctor at and run it

    this happened to me once, and as far as I know, doctoring the phone is the only solution if letting it sit there with the batteries out does not work.
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    Thanks you. My pre is back.

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