It happens sometimes that, after going into mpt 0d and doing the thing with QPST, the icon for Pre gets a "!" when I check "Safely remove hardware" form the lower bar in Windows7.
When this happens it wont "eject" and the only way to fix this is by rebooting, and the reboot hangs in "shutting down" screen and manual reset is needed.

Any way to prevent this?

I usually ##usbpass# and set all to 'none' and then QPST will say that it lost connection and all is well and Pre icon dissapears from 'Devices' list. But there are time that it gets stuck.

Another thing that happens to me is that if I remove the usb cable from Pre, my wireless connection will drop. If the '!Pre' icon is stuck then my wifi wont be able to be repaired.

Sometimes when I unplug the Pre from the usb my wifi drops connection but then I go open 'network and sharing' and do 'disable/enable' on my wireless nic and it reconnects to the AP.

I use an Alfa500 usb wifi nic, which uses RTL8187 chipset.

Anyone else is having such issues?