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    So i put my pre on charge (cable not TS) and when i came back to it an hour or so later it was really really hot. I know normally the phone gets warm but this was ridiculously hot, like the metal on the back almost burned my hand. And when i cycled through the phone menu the centre button led was on and wouldnt turn off. So i immediately turned the phone off, but even while it was turned off the led was on, and didnt go off until i did a battery pull.

    Now this was a one off, was it just because an app didnt close properly or something like that? And could it have caused any permanent damage?
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    I'm actually trying to get my phone replaced under warranty, and last night when I took it to Sprint this EXACT same thing happened, but I wasn't even charging. I just kept the screen on driving to sprint to show them what happens (LCD leak) after like 15 minutes use and the lcd button was on faintly, it didn't turn off until I turned the screen back off and allowed the phone to cool.

    Sadly the Sprint store I took it to said "well even though we can clearly see you have an issue, since the phone still functions you're SOL"

    Tomorrow I'm going to go to another store and try my luck.. I really do hate Sprint stores.
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    I had that happen on the first day. It seems to be the charging + tons of background mail sync maxing the CPU and radio going at the same time. I wouldnt worry about it as it hasnt happened to me since unless i was using tethering + touchstone for a long time (2 hours).

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