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    Hello there, been a long time lurker, and have been keeping up with what's been going on with this phone for awhile. I'm coming from WinMo so this phone has been a breathe of fresh air! I have to admit admit, that it took a couple tries before I got a pre that was built right. First one had a decent sized defect in the screen, and second a blown out ear speaker, and they both had very bad "oreo effect" lol, that always cracked me up. Who ever named it that was a genius. Anyway that said, I finally have a pre that doesn't have any problems with it!

    I am a very happy owner! I know alot of folks are upset that our lil pre has been one upped by the plus, but not I! This pre is very snappy, and has all the bells and whistles that I was looking for in a phone. Sure it would be nice to have a an extra 8gigs of storage space, or more RAM, but honestly, when you look at the differences, they're very minor, sure some of the apps may open up a bit faster, and you could possibly fill up another 8gigs?! But when it comes down to it, Palm hasn't let us down at all. next month all pre owners will be treated equally with some extra bells and whistles.

    When all is said and done, good for Palm, and good for us, that they are progressing this great phone. Eventually, Sprint users will get something new and "better" from Palm, and until then I am very content, and happy.

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    perfect post!
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    Bit of a lurker myself.

    On the fence about getting a Pre for me and the wife, and have to say that I'm leaning towards making my move. OS is looking really good these days, and more to come.

    It's almost easier to wait and wait as new stuff comes out, but at some point you have to pull the trigger.

    Question - if I move to family plan with wife, the "owner" of the account will get an upgrade bonus every year. Is there any way to get both of us on a yearly upgrade path? My Sprint reps are prtty cool - think they'd let us both qualify for the yearly upgrade?

    If so, I think I may buy 2 Pre's, couple of touchstones and call it a day.
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    the pre rocks and is gettin better enjoy and glad to have you!
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