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    Hey guys, I'm running 1.3.1 (GSM user) and have been having difficulty with Youtube. I can run some videos, but others either refuse to load (There was an error playing the file), or they'll load a little bit, then give me the same error.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Try this video: loading that resulted in it playing for the first 3 seconds, then giving me this error:

    Incidentally, I'm not sure what's going on but whenever I try to screencap (orange+sym+p) it makes huge numbers of screenshots. I have 82 screengrabs right now from 3 separate screencrab attempts!

    Incidentally, I'm having a couple other issues (light leakage at bottom and at top right, as well as it getting rather hot right at the bottom of the device, on the back), but haven't decided whether I should return it or if this is just par for the course. I don't have any kind of warranty AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $and$ $I$ $really$ $don$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $ignore$ $an$ $issue$ $that$ $could$ $lead$ $to$ $the$ $phone$ $breaking$. $Any$ $insight$ $would$ $be$ $great$!
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    I can play the rant video just fine. Light leakage is normal if your only seeing it when reseting. As far as getting hot, mine sometimes does get a little warm nothing major though..
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    I am having the same error on youtube, frankly doesn't matter to me. I have watched 3 videos in 4 months on it, and going to it this time was a stray tap anyway.

    so yes, others having issue, how much it impacts someone varies.
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    yeah ines is exactly like that but i cant play any of the videos on youtube and it sucks cause i use the youtbe app alot so this really suck
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    I'm getting the same error on a lot of YT vids lately. Wonder what's causing it.

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