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    My accelerometer seems to believe my phone is tilting toward the left on the games I have downloaded. Is there a way to calibrate the accelerometer if the game itself doesn't let you do it?
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    The only way I've found to calibrate the accelerometer is through the games "options". Crazy that that's not an option through the phone though.
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    My previous Pre (before I dropped it) was leaning too. I confirmed the tilt using roll-a-doodle from the catalog. Just put the dot at one edge of the screen and then hold the Pre vertical. Should see a straight line down. Mine was way off -- ma(be 10 or 15 degrees.

    Not sure if it's related but that Pre also was very slow responding the orientation changes in the browser. Sometimes banging the phone lightly would help.

    My replacement is perfect in both respects. I agree that there should be an OS level calibration too.
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    It would be good if the Preware / Homebrew developers could come up with a default location and format to store the calibration that everyone could agree on. I guess some sort of cookie would do it.
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    Ive come accross this problem playing NFS, has no one found a way to fix the problem so far?

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