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    I don't know if its been posted, but I thought I would share.

    Darnit, I cannot post a link yet, but instructions are below...

    Which means that if your screen is cracked(without abuse), they WILL replace it under warranty. I see the date on it is Dec. 5th, however the sprint store I went to said it was new to their system and had to call sprint to verify. I did have to show them that page because I got the usual sprint run-around about it being an insurance claim.

    To get to there from the sprint home page, go to support, device specific: palm pre(obviously) and then on the left side under troubleshooting go to cracked screen.

    Good luck, I hope this helps anyone with this problem.
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    Support - Article

    If the screen on your PalmŽ Pre™ did not crack as a result of abuse, please visit the nearest Sprint Service & Repair Center for a warranty exchange.

    I thought I had it posted it here last month, Can't seem to find it thou. Maybe I

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