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    right im a dj as u might no from my name lol

    i dj on a certain site (wont mention the name due 2 advertising and getting banned or whatever)

    the site streams via itunes,winamp and windows media player,to listen i have to go to the site clik the link and it streams through the selected player (on my pc) i dont want to sync my playlists i jst want to listen 2 the stream

    is this possible?

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    since you mention winamp, I am not sure what winamp stream you need, but there are some decent shoutcast players out there. I use winamp to listen to shoutcast at work, and use a shoutcast app on the pre for the car (shaved and hidden antenna doesn't always pick up the local stations I like well).

    as far as the shoutcast app, works great, isn't always perfect but I am using an old homebrew version and haven't updated since I started using it (now available via app cat). Other than that if you can't find the app you need I would start hiting up some of the devs in the homebrew area that have developed mutiple quality streaming apps, that have gone from homebrew to official.

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