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    I have a Pre and so does my gf. As of yesterday, I finally got WebOS Quick Install on our computer, and then Preware through that onto my phone. Today I went to do the same on my girlfriend's Pre and it's getting that error message, "ERROR: No device found." At first I realized I forgot to put hers into developer mode, do I did that and restarted it. Then, same problem. Yet I plug in my Pre and all is good. I plug hers back in and same problem again. On very seldom tried, it doesn't say that, and I think it's about to work. Then I get these errors after clicking on install a few seconds later (#11 and #5 from what I remember) or else it just freexes on working to make a connection. Yet again, I plug my Pre back in and no problems...
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    Well, I was thinking it was simply a Novacomm issue where you could either restart that service, or restart your computer. But if you can plug yours in and have it recognized right away, it's got to be something else. Unless someone else has an idea, I would suggest you try and Doctor her phone and see if that fixes the issue.

    Anyone else have an idea?

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