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    Wanna know if I can unlock my phone to use on the pre paid straight talk network? Can anyone help me out?
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    I think it's possible to use the Pre on Boost Mobile CDMA...
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    trying to use it for walmart prepaid. They us Verizon network. Its same frequency so it should work. I know you can unlock other phones and use between networks.
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    no you cannot unlock cdma phones it is possible to use them on other networks but that requires that the esn be added which verizon is not going to do so im doubtful that theyd let their prepaid network do it either youre better off with metro pcs who will add the esn for a price
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    Guess Ill be selling my Pre. Love the phone but now hate Sprint. The straight talk prepaid is an awesome deal and was same cdma freq. Ah well.
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    You could always keep the Pre and use it as a WiFi device. It still works great!
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    metro has very limited service here. I am wanting to straight talk. they use Verizon.

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