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    Very strange problem I have spent no less then 8-10 hours of my time so far on.

    I updated with the OS update from Dec 30th(Maybe it was the 31st). Ever since then, my data connection has been random. I will have full signal on my phone, 5 seconds later, it will show no data connection, and my phone in upper left hand corner will state "phone offline" This happnes every 5-10 seconds . So, if I pull up my email and try to download, it will start to download and then go offline. This does it anywhere I am at, at home, on the road, EVERYWHERE. I thought something was wrong with my Pre, so Sprint replaced it. New phone does the exact same thing.

    I can take and receive calls, and my calls will not drop, only data connections. No web browsing, no email. If I start up Sprint Navigation, it will start to work if my data connection is working, but within 10-20 seconds, goes offline because it can't connect to data network.

    I have called Palm support two times so far. They have had me erase my phone and start from scratch. What is very wierd is it will work perfectly after wiping phone completely(they had me use webosdoctor). It will have perfect connectivity while it's restoring my phone from backup. BUT, after it's restored and everything has synced, I then have same issue again.

    Is there something corrupt in my Palm Profile? I am here on hold again with Palm support. This is driving me crazy, I live and breath by this phone, and basically can't do much work without it.

    I was thinking of creating a new Palm profile and then syncing all my contacts, reinstalling all apps, etc. with the new profile and see if that fixes it? Any other ideas?

    I have wanted to delete all applications on my phone, then do a backup again(to see if somehow one of my apps is causing this), then hard reset, but I can't stay connected to data network long enough to do a backup...

    Any ideas?


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    I keep losing data as well. Goes out with the little error message then comes right back up. It's fairly annoying at this point but at least hasn't hindered my typical usage. Maybe something to do with WiFi in that it's trying to use that connection instead. Kind of like how my screen will come right back on when I turn it off. Someone said it's a bug with thinking it still has headphones plugged in. lol
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    same here
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    me too but it sounds like it's a different issue then the OP. As of today I hear my phone lose data connection every 30-60 mins. I think it says a error code but it only stays on the screen for a second. I don't think it's affecting my phone that much if at all but it's annoying to hear.
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    Same here ...lose data about every 30 to 60 mins for a split second then it comes right back. Get an error beep and can barely read the error code before it is gone and then back on. I agree it is not affecting my phone but it was extremely annoying at 4:30 am when it started to beep at me!!!
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    I've had this same problem too.
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    Mine does it randomly. Not very often. Maybe a few times a day.
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    Have you tried updating your network settings and PRL in the Phone under Preferences?
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    i was getting the same errors, but i doctored my phone for other reasons and it doesnt do it anymore..what it does now is that it kind of freezes the connection and i have to turn airplane mode on and then off and if it doesnt work i restart my phone and it thing it did start doing was it vibrates for less then a second and its not that the battery is low or that i get a text or email..its weird
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    I'm having the same problem.. My phone has been offline for the like the last 2 hours.. and I put it to charge and it doesn't take a charge. I don't know what's going on.
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    I had the same problem. I took my phone into Sprint, they said it wasn't my fault and gave me a new one for free. A person told me on here that my EVDO radio was faulty. It doesn't matter how many times you wipe your phone clean or update, it won't fix it. Just take it into Sprint. They are pretty understanding. At least the one here is...
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    i'm having same problem....i'm now updating the network settings and PRL. So we'll see if that helps.
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    does anyone elses phone charge while it says phone offline?? because mine woudn't charge then i would restart then it'll be back online. But for the last couple of hours it's been offline and I've tried everything to get it online and it wouldn't come back. Now my phone ran out of battery and It's sitting on the touchstone with the low battery indicator. I don't know if it's ever going to come back on though.

    Edit: Now it just came back on. I'm gonna try to full restart and see if that works. I really don't want to have to go to sprint to replace it.

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