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    Ok so I had a lot've patches, 30+, and so I was on the phone, and had it plugged into my computer "just charging". I got a called, I received it fine, talked for about 15 minutes, and then, when the other person hung up, my screen blacked out. I couldn't do anything. I tried holding the power button, and nothing happened. Finally I took out the battery and tried restarting. Now its stuck on the screen with "Palm" on it. (its been like that for about 10 minutes) I was on and did not have a theme.

    Anybody have any solutions?

    Edit: Ok well I finally got it to work (after I took out the battery and tried restarting again, twice, the 3rd time it finally worked). Still I have no idea why that happened. My Pre has never been rooted or anything. I think it might be the Close phone app on hang up patch.

    Edit2: Nevermind... Phone just abruptly crashed seconds after I made my previous edit. I'm going to doctor it (if I can get it to turn on again).
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    This same thing just happened to me this morning. I had used the phone, there was a weird issue as it sorta froze when I tried to hang up with the call and then 15 minutes later the pre just turned into a brick. It would not turn on and when plugged in to charge it did not respond. I took out the battery and then when I placed it back in the phone is just stuck on "palm". If you get any idea of what caused this please let me know. Thanks
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    I had an issue with the face sensor, where the screen would just go dead every time the phone app was used. Ended up returning phone.
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    Keep trying to restart the phone (take out battery and such), it'll eventually work. Unfortunately I forgot my Palm Profile and have to now go to sprint to get that resolved (I doctored my phone).
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    Same thing is happening to me. Ever since the latest update. Either 1.3.5 or't remember exactly when it started.

    Any fixes would be appreciated!

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