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    1. Can it sync with Google calendar? (I do not want to rely on Palm's cloud)

    2. Is there a decent free desktop.backup utility (to backup notes, etc.)

    3. Has there been any real improvement on battery life with the OS updates?
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    yes , kind of , yes
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Kind of? What is the backup app you speak of and what does it do?
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    Anyone know about backup apps? I searched "backup" and found nothing...
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    1. Google Calendar sync out of the box, no additional software needed.
    2. Check out "The Missing Sync", I haven't used it with the Pre, I don't particularly need it, but it usually gets great reviews.
    3. Battery life seems to increase with each update, but I went for an extended battery and have had really good results from that.
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    kd, does your battery stick out?

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