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    is it possible to create your own calendar accounts on the Pre? not google calendar accounts or such like but simple user created ones to assosciate different activities? for example a meetings account/group that show up in purple and one that is for family thats blue? the only option i can see is for adding facebook or other internet accounts
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    Yeah, it is the Palm Profile one. When the screen first appears, choose "Done".

    But I must say that I use the Google calender on the Pre and love it. You just visit online and create a free new account. I think they just ask for an email address, username, and password. Then you can start adding events either online or in the palm. It is seemless and you don't even know that it is getting the info from the online Google calendar.

    The advantage to the Google Calendar is that you can go online to manipulate them, view them, print them, or even share them. It is also always backed up when it is on Google's server.

    This also allows you to track multiple calendars of events using a single calendar. For instance I have one on calendar of events that is shared with my entire family that shows my work schedule vacations, family member b-days etc. I also have one that only I can see, such as filter changes, dog flea medicine, etc. Both online and on on the Pre I can then choose which calendar of events that I can see and what color to make each one.
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    But I must say that I use the Google calendar on the Pre and love it. .....................
    This also allows you to track multiple calendars of events using a single calendar.
    Do you know if this allows several different google accounts at one time, like the iPhone where I have the following caldav accounts set up, say and or do they have to be sub calendars of the one google account?
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    Yes, they can be completely separate google accounts/calendars.

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    Can anyone verify whether or not 1.4 has added support for arbitrary CalDAV calendars yet? This is my #1 show stopper on the Pre.

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