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    OK, just picked up my Pre to plugin for the night and nothing works. Screen doesn't come on, no response when holding the wake up button in, no dice after being plugged in for 20 mins. Just checked email less than 2 hrs ago and and plenty of battery left then.

    Stock Pre with Exchange and Gmail accts, limited number of apps. Any ideas?

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    did you plug it in and have it show a battery with a cable on it?
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    Nothing happened on plug in. Switched outlets and still nothing.
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    i had the same issue too.
    i have a stock phone, with no patches or preware.
    at first, i took the battery out a few different times.
    then i plugged it in, and after 20 minutes, i got the palm logo to come up. i think after about an hour of recharging, i started pressing the power button and finally got it to come back on.
    i spent much of today going through this site, and i did the following:
    i removed all email accounts, except for gmail.
    i reset my prl.
    i did a soft reset.
    i turned off wi fi.
    i have NO idea which of these did the trick, but it does appear that the battery life is way, way better.
    good luck!
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    Thanks. I'll see what the morning brings.

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