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  • Yes I have an defect: Ghosting on the LCD

    7 5.34%
  • Yes I have an LCD defect: Dead pixels

    17 12.98%
  • Yes I have an LCD defect: other

    7 5.34%
  • No I don't have a LCD defect but my Pre gets very warm with use

    21 16.03%
  • I have no defects period!

    82 62.60%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. digink's Avatar
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    No white ghosting or LCD defects...

    Just trying to get an idea of how many other people have this ghosting white blotch issue other than me.
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    I voted other, because I have a light bleeding issue on the bottom of my screen, which is not ghosting. Do you by chance mean light bleed instead of ghosting - light bleed leads to the white splotches at the edge of the screen. Ghosting is a phenomena where a screen has a poor refresh rate and it causes a blurry effect because the image leaves trails.
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    I have a little bit of light bleed, but besides that my screen is flawless...
  4. LNWJ's Avatar
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    Don't see the poll in the mobile site but my screen is near flawless. Wife has 3 dead pixels that are only seen on the Palm boot screen.
  5. glenada's Avatar
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    Mine is fine.
  6. kotkinjs1's Avatar
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    had a weird defect: had what looked like 'fingers' of bubbles start at the lower left hand side and over the course of a few weeks they started to stretch and grow to about half-an-inch towards the center. It was underneath the top layer of the screen but it was definitely what looked like a growing fingery 'bubble.'

    Went to Sprint in DC and they said it was the glue holding the LCD to the layer below that which was failing and allowing the LCD to separate from the screen. They said heat might cause it/exacerbate it. But even with the TEP they wouldn't replace it because they said it was 'cosmetic' and didn't affect functionality. Total BS and completely unsat customer service. Tried 2 other times with different local Sprint locations but I couldn't get a free replacement...only the $100 deductible deal through Assurion.

    Tried again at the Sprint store in Tampa (where I got the unit) while I was back there on leave and they quickly and easily replaced it no questions asked.

    Moral of the story: Sprint DC s#*ks and Pre LCDs are quirky.
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    Mine runs great!
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    Mine was but my phone broke and now my replacement has two small dead pixels
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    3rd Pre all because of speaker! All 3 perfect screens
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    3rd pre with no problems.. So far no screen problems just power button & the USB crack.
  11. digink's Avatar
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    I think I have some seriously bad light bleed, it isn't ghosting after all. After like 10 minutes of use the phone gets hot as hell and it is 100x more noticeable.

    I just don't like using the device because of this, makes the overall experience seem more liek a damaging one than a rewarding one.

    If I can get this replaced under the warranty this will now be my 3rd Pre... WebOS is great but the Pre is a piece of trash. Unless Palm fixes build quality I don't ever see myself getting another Palm device regardless of how good WebOS is. Everyone I talk to about my Pre I have to stop myself from telling them all the build issues I have with it.
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    My pre gets pretty warm when im using it on the charger that's about it thought otherwise no defects.
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    all good here.
  14. Jeff80's Avatar
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    I have the launch Pre and its perfect.
  15. digink's Avatar
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    seems like the issues are still the minority, sadly this is my second phone with issues so something doesn't add up.
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    release date pre here... zero issues
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    mines issues wats so ever..
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    No I don't have a LCD defect but my Pre gets very warm with use. Same with my first pre (which was replaced a month ago due to caved-in-power-button).
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    My screen to me appears to be fine as far as I can tell, but my phone will get very warm if it is used for a long call / on the net / charging. It does not get hot to hurt but it does get notably warm with use.

    How does one tell if you have a defective screen on your pre, just curious?
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    My release date Pre just keeps on working beautifully! No problemas!
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