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  • Yes I have an defect: Ghosting on the LCD

    7 5.34%
  • Yes I have an LCD defect: Dead pixels

    17 12.98%
  • Yes I have an LCD defect: other

    7 5.34%
  • No I don't have a LCD defect but my Pre gets very warm with use

    21 16.03%
  • I have no defects period!

    82 62.60%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    6/16 pre still in perfect condition
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    No screen issues, here. It does get fairly warm if I'm using certain apps while docked on the TS, but not super hot. I also have one "dead" pixel, but only on the palm start-up screen; it never shows up any other time, no matter what color is showing on the screen. No light bleeding, either. Love my Pre.
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