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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post

    They are built by dreamers, not by people trying to make a phone for everyone, they are building a phone for me.

    This is a GREAT point! When I have spoken to people over at Palm; they told me that Palm wants users to use their phones as they want to. Many companies that make PDA's, want to lock everything down. But Palm doesn't seem to be like that. So when a user finds a problem or limitation; they can create a patch and not have to worry about being sued or threaten. So when you own a Palm device; it does seem like it was built for techies who want to push the limits of the device. And almost everyday there seems to be more content for the WebOS. It's like a techie app X-Mas everyday!
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    I love my pre because it's not an iphone! And aside form the community,it's 100 x better then my old piece of sh%3...motorola slidr. LOL.
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    I love that I can plug it into a computer and it shows up as a drive.

    I love that it feels like a phone but operates as a computer.

    I love the bright, crisp display.

    The web browsing. The synergy. The keyboard. The homebrew. The sprint plan. The camera. The speaker. Swiping cards. Knowing none of my regular tasks are more than 2-3 clicks away, and if I wanted to I could make it so they would be 1.

    that's just for starters...
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    i love a lot of the things i've heard this week...nfs and the other games, the pdk, the pre and pixi plus, verizon and at and t, gpu support, webos 1.4 and flash. did i forget anything?
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    I root for the underdog.
    I can use it one handed.
    Elegant mutitasking.
    Soon tons of iphone games
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    I love how simply easily it is to use and how many apps it has to customize.
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    I like the fact it's easy to doctor it if I mess something up..I also like having something to look forward to. Also it's new and not no iphone. Also I like that all the major companies pre and pixi will be the same as far a shape, size, and os..
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    leroove... a major point you are missing, or skipping over, is the fact that the iPhone was introduced just over 2 Years ago (Jan 9, 2007). The 3GS is the THIRD version of this phone, which has had those 2 years to build off.

    The Pre was introduced just over 6 MONTHS ago and is running on a completely new operating system: WebOS. I'm not a fan-boy, but appreciate the intricacies of building a new business on a new platform in a tough market. Step back for a moment and take a look at where Palm is now... in 6 months, they have built, marketed, and delivered a product that competes side-by-side with a product that has a 2 year head start. Its an amazing achievement. You are concentrating on items that are getting fixed all the time. If you had the 1st Generation of the iPhone, you would remember that it was plagued with HUGE problems and issues. The Pre is no-where near having the issues the first iPhone had, but everyone expects perfection out of the gate. But understand that any of the lags, quirks, etc.. you are experiencing are getting fixed and ironed out incredibly quickly.
    side by side? who cares what iphone did in the first 6 months. people care about what its palm and apple are doing IN THE YEAR 2009/10 PRESENT.

    i love webos because i have 1.5 years left on my contract. and the reality (not just what's potentially possible) is heading toward the hype i paid for.
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    I see it as if I have a 2 year plan with sprint/palm than I want something I can enjoy and the fact palm aint come with their all makes me happy. it gives them time for improvement instead of just giving us junk right out the box..I'm starting to be more into my pre everday..we have over 1000 apps now just within a few with webos 1.4 coming apps will start flying in...
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