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    Doom and Quake are rendered entirely using the CPU, with a minor amount of 2D acceleration to copy the rendered frames to the screen. That's probably about the limit of what you can do just using the CPU, without 3D graphics acceleration -- mid 90's quality graphics.
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    These games are most definitely using the GPU. All of the games are ports from other platforms that use OpenGL ES 2.0. A CPU would not be able to render these games at their current framerate.

    The PDK allows for direct access to all of the Pre's hardware, enabling developers to port their existing graphics, sounds, AI, etc libraries easily to Pre from other platforms.

    GPU support IS here and it's through the PDK. With that said, webOS is still all being rendered on the CPU. With CSS transforms, however, that should change in the near future.
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    You guys wanna see what this gpu can do, follow this link:POWERVR Insider Graphics Demos

    we are most definitely not using it's full potential!
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