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    I found this same issue on the treocentral forum and I have the same problem on the pre.

    When I conference call or call wait I can't dial another call after one person hangs up. Once that peron hangs up, the call is still shown on my screen. If I click over to the line that the person hung up, I get a dial tone. I can toggle back and forth to the both lines (the person I am talking to and the hung up line). The minutes are still ticking on the line that the peron hung up on. The phone tells me that I can't make another call until I hang up.

    I can not make an another call until I hang up on everyone and then make new calls.

    If I conference call and on person hangs up. I also can not make additional call until I hang up on everyone and start over again. Even if one peron hangs up. The phone will still show that I am in conference mode even if one person drops off. I can not dial another call because it still thinks I am in conference mode.

    Does anyone have this problem?
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    I've had the same problem and never even thought to ask anyone if they experienced it.

    I just looked it up in the Pre User Manual (page 94) and it says that there are only two ways to end a conference call:

    1) hang up and end all calls
    2) and I quote "Ask one of the callers to hang up, so you can stay connected to the other call."

    Wow.. I never realized how lame that is. Time to request a patch for that!
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    Is this a phone issue or more a limitation on the carrier network?
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    See above... completely a phone issue unfortunately. Until a patch is made!
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    This is a Sprint thing. Its been that way on every Sprint phone I have ever had
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    This is a Sprint thing. Its been that way on every Sprint phone I have ever had
    That was my thought and why I asked cause yeah, I believe I've run into the same thing on previous phones on Sprint as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    This is a Sprint thing. Its been that way on every Sprint phone I have ever had
    Wow.. strange, but I guess anything is possible since I'm a convert from AT&T. I just requested a Patch for this in the development forum, so we will hopefully find out if something can be done!
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    every sprint phone has had this issue that i have had lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I have no idea why Sprint phones always seem to either bury this feature in some deep menu most people don't know how to access, or don't include it at all. Anyone have an answer for that?
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    It's most like a CDMA issue. Most likely won't get anything done with that request, its all or nothing here
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    Man it really is annoying though I do know that.
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    It is a limitation with on a CDMA network. It has been discussed on every Sprint/Verizon forum out there. Nothing we or any patch can do about it really. It sucks. One of the other benefits that GSM has over CDMA.

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    Such a strange limitation. I do miss this function from GSM too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RC46 View Post
    This is a Sprint thing. Its been that way on every Sprint phone I have ever had
    Wow. 6 years later, Sprint still hasn't done anything lol. I have Sprint. I was researching how to hang up on one person, and it brought me here.
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    Interesting to see this thread wake up.

    The problem described is one of the most annoying things I've endured using this phone for the last six years.

    However, I suspect there is a way to patch it. I think this because, recently, I had seen a phone app dialog I'd never seen before. It was after one caller hung up. For the first time, I saw something other than what we usually see, which is only the option to keep switching between callers. There was actually an EndCall option referring to the dead line, not ALL lines.

    But I can't remember if I saw it on the Veer on TMo, or the Pre2 on Sprint.

    It's a shame no one followed up on this.
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