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    My Pre camera is way better than my previous phone, the touch pro. As we know though, indoors is pretty average. I took this photo the other night, I was surprised how well it came out. I just pointed clicked, not bad for inside.
    Ignore the score though, the Preds won 4-2!
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    Laguna Beach CA, Main Beach Park?
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    Looks like the view from Las Brisas. What an great place.
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    I've been really impressed with the camera on the Pre. I got some great shots of my kids with Spoonge Bob and Patrick at the Mall of America a couple weeks ago. It also works really well for taking pictures of whiteboards to capture requirements from client meetings. It's depressing to think about but that is what about half of the pictures on my Pre are.
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    babysittin' my wifes nephew for the 1st time...
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    Gary Danko's in San Francisco @Xmas. One of the best restaurants I have ever eaten.
    Olives stuffed with Bleu Cheese
    Elaine (Dreyfus) from Seinfeld was sitting table next to us.
    You ate the whole restaurant? Must have impressed "Elaine". What did ya wash those overhead lights down with?

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    If I clipped the pics right, this should be sent to Southwest, it's cool!
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    The camera on the Pre is one of the best out there (in daylight, bright light).

    When scrolling through my pictures folder, I can rarely tell which ones were taken with a point and shoot and which ones were snapped with the Pre.

    Pretty awesome!
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