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    Hello, guys. I tried searching for the answer to this question but for whatever reason the search function was down.

    Anyway, how much can the pre do with out a sprint plan, like just using wifi connection?

    Thank you.
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    Almost the same except making/receiving calls and Sprint TV

    I have alot of experience with this. If you have any questions, let me know.
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    I used my Pre in Europe for 2 weeks on WiFi. Can do everything but make calls.
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    Palm needs to get a $99 WebOs non-phone PDA once they've secured their market share via Verizon and AT&T; there is a LARGE market for that sort of "More-than-an-mp3-player" WiFi handheld computer for folks that don't want, or can't afford, a phone plan. Kids/tweens/teens, for example, drool over iPod Touch. Even my mother has an iPod Touch.

    It's a great way to pull people into your more lucrative phone plans. As my mother once said disparagingly whilst grasping her iPod Touch, "Ah, it does everything I would ever need: Except I wish it was a phone. :'( "
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