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    I guess It's back to using orb for me...
    Speaking of Orb, I've mentioned before that although Orb can already be used through the Pre web browser, an Orb app for WebOS would also be a killer option considering the free / low-cost entry for streaming tv, and also considering the additional features that Orb has. I wish there was a dev willing to take it on, even if it is just a front-end for the web interface...there are definitely a number of people who would certainly be interested in it.
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    When I saw this thread return, I was hoping we were closer to a Web OS Sling player.
    Guess, it's still way off.
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    Yeah me too. I purchased the sling player for Palm OS and used it on my 700P and Centro till I got my Pre back in June.

    It was nice to have when traveling and your hotel has crappy TV or sitting in an airport. I still use my slingbox classic with the PC application, but really miss it on my phone.

    Sling are you listening?
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