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    I have a 'New' Palm Pre. Delivered to me By O2 on the 29th December '09, I am near the end of my 14 day trial period where I may return the phone. I am desperately trying to justify to myself keeping the phone and the expense for a number of reasons. These reasons are diminishing by the day thanks in part to my reading about the 'Homebrew' community's accomplishments and most recently because of recent palm news @ CES of video recording, flash support, gaming and most importantly the application development support for webOS.
    All this good news, including the precentral X-Plane story is swaying me and blinding the hardwarefacts that the camera doesn't focus, my battery/3G reception is poorer than my constantly-on, 3-year-old SE P1i (on a non-3G sim) and the loudspeaker not being so loud. So much so that I might actually keep this shiny PalmPre device. Besides which, I really, really enjoy the web browser and overall operation of webOS.
    I have to arrange return postage Monday 11th and so with 2 days to decide can anyone answer the following for me:
    Here in the UK with O2 we're on v1.3.1. I have spoken with O2 retentions dept. (the top level support ops) and they 'do not have any news on the relese of future updates whatsoever'. When do we get v1.3.5 and will we ever get v1.4 at the same time as everybody else - as announced at CES?
    To add insult to injury, I just downloaded the file 'Palm_Pre_UG_enGB.pdf' from the Palm website and transferred it to my PalmPre. Using PDF view on the Pre, it 'encounters an error' where 'Render document failed'. Ironic or just because I don't have v1.3.5 or above?
    It seems that I am struggling when I should be flying along (quite literally - will my Pre ever tether ?? All my 'old' O2 mobile phones over the last 4 years have done this seamlessly....).
    Should I keep my Pre, or should I go down the piephone / berry route ??? Or should I just grab the ol' faithful Nokia out of the drawer and keep my money to myself....???

    I should also say that I am part of a team testing custom hardware (be-station) that works with PalmOS Garnet in the form of Be-Station and Be-Mix The real 'killer app' for my business that would be really nice to see in webOS.
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    I had to transfer from Orange to get the Pre. I find O2 a lot better in every department apart from network coverage. I had full 3G signal in my house with Orange but I only get a few bars of non-3G on O2 which i'm happy to live with as the Pre is amazing.

    Anyway it is really frustrating that we haven't got the v1.3.5.1 update yet but hopefully we'll get it by mid January. I think as v1.4 is a major update we shouldn't have to wait too long for it. Also we're getting paid apps in March which will be a great addition along with the changes in v1.4.
    My previous phone was an HTC Touch Diamond running windows which was great at first but the novelty soon went. I had been playing around a lot with the Iphone 3GS (as my brother has it) but ultimately chose the Pre. I absolutely love the Pre, sure its lacking a few things (which can mostly be solved using homebrew) but its making great strides.

    My advice is keep the Pre. Its one hell of a phone, apps are being added everyday and Palm are actually listening to us! I've had mine for just under 3 weeks now and i've never had so much fun with a phone. If you haven't got one buy the touchstone, definitely a worthy purchase!

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