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    Hey guys, I apologize if this is somewhere else on the forums, but I did a very thorough search and was unable to come up with anything ..

    But my problem is I've been developing an app for WebOS and I have a Pre with no service that I use as a test device. I had to web doctor it earlier today and I can't figure out how to get passed the palm profile sign-in portion since I obviously don't have a data connection (if only I could enable wifi).

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    Search for the webOS Metadoctor, I believe that's what you need.
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    Palm has a Pre/Pixi SDK you can download for free.
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    I modded a Sprint 1.3.5 Doctor to bypass activation. I haven't tested it yet since I haven't had the need to. You can try it if you like as long as you come back and tell me if it works. A few people have asked me for it but never confirmed it worked (I'm sure it did since they would have definitely come back and complain if it didn't lol)

    (I removed the link to the modded Doctor)
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    What if I never created an account with verizon? I got the phone from my mother-in-law, and I've never been on Verizon before. So this is all new to me. Every time I try to create a new one, it says 'Connection Failed, please contact your wireless service provider'.
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    Use the activation bypass tool. In my resource list (linked in sig), there's a thing on patching it for the TouchPad. Just download the tool from the link, install Novacom (also linked in same list), and use the tool.

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