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    Well, it's been wonderful to read all the threads about 1.3.5 and people looking forward to 1.4 - the problem is that for O2 in the UK we've had nothing since 1.3.1 and no information on when, let alone any promised dates. This is not a whining thread (there seems to be a growing theme here for any comments of concern or disappointment to be seen as whining rather than reasonable observation or statement of fact) but rather a plea for anyone having any information about when O2 might get their act together? Do any O2 employees in the know read these threads? Please!
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    Or anyone else in the know?!!
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    I remember hearing Palm (Ruby) mentioning that ALL WebOS devices will get 1.4 next month (or did he say that 1.4 will work on all WebOS devices? ). I'm inclined to think that you guys won't get 1.3.5 and will make the jump to 1.4 if it's the former.
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    Ok - put up or shut up.
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    So all you can do is try to wind people up? If so, goodbye.
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    I understand that 1.4 will be released to all devices in all countries simultaneously, much the same way as 1.3.1 was.

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