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    So I was having a huge problem with Need For Speed Underground quitting unexpectedly (which soon became VERY expectedly the more I played) so I tried out a few things. Of course I first uninstalled and then reinstalled which didn't work as many of you have tried. Then restarting the device a few times...still didn't work. A little background about my device: I bought the device the day it hit the market and i've never had any problems with it or ever put any patches on it. You can imagine my frustration when I read all of these reviews where people aren't mentioning any problems.

    After multiple attempts at fixing the phone, I started getting creative. here is the process that i went through, and since i did it i haven't had a single problem or have the game unexpectedly quit. I am hoping that if you have a problem and you go through this it will work for you too. No guarantees but it is worth a definite shot if you are getting really frustrated with the new programs.

    1.) Uninstall the game that you downloaded from your device. Since you paid for it you will be able to download the program again for free in the future.
    2.) Restart the device.
    3.) When the device has come back, return to the app catalog and re-download the program. **IMPORTANT** At this point I was noticing some things about when i downloaded programs before. If i ventured away from the download, I would come back (after perhaps checking some email for example) to find some funny things going on with the download status bar. FOR THIS REASON, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WHILE THE PHONE IS DOWNLOADING THE PROGRAM! My thinking on this is give the phone a full chance to download the program without any interruptions.
    4.) **IMPORTANT** DO NOT LAUNCH THE PROGRAM, instead close the app catalog, and restart the device again. I realize this is a lot of restarting but its definitely worth the wait time, especially because the game play with these new games is like nothing we've had before.
    5.) Once the device has restarted, open up the new program and start playing!

    Again, this is not a guaranteed fix to the device, however I can honestly say since doing this i have not had a single problem with NFSU. I am simply writing this thread to hopefully help out some people that have had some problems like i've had. If it works, I just ask that you thank the thread so that others can see it, then go add stars to your reviews!

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    thanks for the suggestion. I'll lose my progress in the game wont I?
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    I actually did this without knowing. I downloaded while it was on the TS and restarted once it was installed. Works great with no freezes or loss of framrate.
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    Yes Titans you will but hey it will play correctly.
    I will do this too, thanks OP.
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    Did all this, NFSU still crashes. I cannot believe I spent $10 on this buggy piece of garbage.
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    This actually worked for me!
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    @ShadowGod: Give it time, i'm sure that the bugs will all be fixed come the 1.4 firmware update, the guys at ces were all running on that OS with no problems, so thats my thoughts on the matter :P I'll try this as well
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    Thanks, anyway, OP, but this solution didn't work for me. My problem, btw, is that I can't get NFSU to even start.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Yeah, I can't really imagine how doing this will make any difference. Seems anecdotal for me, but glad you are seeing good results so far. I daresay you'll see some crashes at some point if you keep playing. I appreciate Palm getting these into the catalog so quickly, but they should probably offer refunds to those of us who don't like paying for software that crashes so often. I'd gladly buy these games again when they no longer do that.
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    Could be a problem with the game unpacking and having an error on the download etc so a clean download fixes it.
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    I just don't think such a complex program would totally crash out and die because of say 1 file not downloading properly. Maybe so, but I doubt this is the issue.
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    Hopefully all these problems will be fixed with 1.4.0

    I guess the bright side of being treating like crap from palm in the UK is that we dont have to deal with the clusterf**** that you guys do whenever something new is released
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    Tried it and cleared out alll my saved data and glitches are in the same spots! (For asphalt) My NFSU work great so far no crashes, but my asphalt is driving me Crazy!
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    For asphalt it worked as long as I didn't buy the motorcycle. Whats wrong with yours? Is it the latest update of the game?
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    Did all of that...still gives the following message: "Application Error. The application NFSU has quit unexpectedly."
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    Same thing was happening to me with the golf game, so i did the uninstall, reinstall, restart thing and it seems to work perfect now
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    I dunno, I did a lot while downloading & installig sims & NFS. I was browsing web, texting, letting phone fall asleep, etc. And I was surprised how quick both downloaded & installed & I have had no issues with games. I even habe had 6 total cards open while playing with no issue.
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    Well I'll tell ya, I was sceptical about this as a real solution but I tried it nonetheless and it actually seems to have worked. I had one crash the first time I tried to play the game after reinstalling but have not had a single unexpected quit since!


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