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    Most nights, I like to shut my phone off, since I have absolutely no need for it while I'm sleeping, and as such, no need for it to be using any battery power. I am fully aware of the airplane mode functionality, so please don't recommend using that...I simply prefer to shut the phone off (completely).

    What I'd like to know is, why have the geniuses at Palm designed this thing to require 4 steps to shut it off?
    Currently to shut down, I have to;
    1. Press and hold power button
    2. Press the soft "Power" button when prompted.
    3. Press the soft "Shut Down/Swap Battery" button when prompted.
    4. Press the soft "Shut Down" button when prompted....after which, it'll FINALLY turn off.
    Every other phone I've owned, I was able to turn it off with one action...usually pressing and holding the power button.

    Has anybody created any sort of application (or patch) that would simply turn the phone off...with one click?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Not so simple as a patch, but lil easier than holding down the power button. Goto device info, reset options, shut down.
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    Get a TS charger, when you wake up your Pre has 100% charge and ready for another day. If the light from the Pre bothers you, then throw something over it. There is also a battery saving patch that lets you select what time you want your Pre to go in and out of airplane mode in case you don't want to be bothered by calls and notifications.
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    Thanks, but doing that is at least 4 steps;
    1. Device Info
    2. Reset options
    3. Shut down
    4 Shut down

    Since I have to click on functions first, then scroll over to the page where my "device info" icon is lcoated, it ends up being 2 steps for me. In short...not the solution I was looking for, but thanks anywho.
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    I do have a TS charger, but I see no reason why I should put it on a charger all night long when;
    a) it doesn't need to be charged and
    b) I have no need for it to remain on.

    I guess I'm just really astonished that they made shutting this thing off so complicated.
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    Not tryna thread-crap, but can I ask why you prefer shutting the phone down at night to simply leaving it on the charger in silent mode? The end result is the same - you wake up after an undisturbed sleep with a fully-charged phone.
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    Silent mode still uses some battery, and as I indicated above...I'd rather not charge it, if it doesn't need charging. Once again, amazing that shutting this thing off can't be done in one easy step.
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    The reason it take 4 steps is because modern smart phones are designed to be "always on".

    They did not design an easy (1 click) way to shut it down because users would not want to shut it down by accident and most users will never need the function.
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    Perhaps the OP hopes to extend the lifespan of his phone by not leaving it on all the time...? Personally I like to keep my phone on at night, but the shutdown process on the Pre / Pixi does leave something to be desired. As they say, brevity is the soul of wit mate.
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    It takes an age to start up, so i never bother shutting down
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    Thanks. I guess I'm not "most users" and I don't like leaving something turned on, if I have absolutely no reason to do so. You folks have answered my questions...that there's no patch/app to shut it off in one step.
    Cheers, Toolman_Johnny
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    Perhaps Palm could implement a shutdown function akin to the iPhone & Android platforms (modern smartphones lol). Hold the power button down for a couple of seconds and then use the touchscreen to confirm (similar to when we wake the phone due to inactivity with the button drag).
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    Not sure but it's a waste of time. The change in 1.3.1 was uneeded. Prior to 1.3.1, it was much easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Not sure but it's a waste of time. The change in 1.3.1 was uneeded. Prior to 1.3.1, it was much easier.
    I'd agree with that. It's a very cumbersome shutdown process. At the same time, since I rarely need to turn the phone off, it doesn't bother me as much. If I were doing it every night, I can see how it'd get annoying.

    Glad I don't shut it off every night then, I suppose.
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    Agree. i don't mind two steps I guess. Those being, holding the power button down...then selecting "Power". But after I select "Power", the phone should shut down. Why on God's earth after I select "Power", do I have to tell the phone twice more to shut down? Just seems stupid to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toolman_Johnny View Post
    Has anybody created any sort of application (or patch) that would simply turn the phone off...with one click?
    Here's a three step version. It bypasses the battery removal instruction screen.
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    Have you tried a hammer?
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    There's no down side to letting it charge all night, nor is there one for turning the phone off. But letting it charge all night is easier
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    Put it in airplane mode for the night and that'll save batteries, get no calls or alerts.
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    Sorry for the potentially dumb question, but how does one apply a patch, as in #16 above?
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