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    Called up both today and the o2 customer support woman didn't have a clue what the pre plus was, which was a great start. I then called Palm, and the person said there are no plans to release the pre plus in europe at the moment.

    I was sad. O2 also said they dont do any sort of trade in..but if you have to send in your phone3 times they let you get another one. Guess I could strategically oreo my pre's until the pre plus comes out?

    Oh and palm had no clue when eu is getting 1.3.5 he said "later next month" which makes me think we're getting skipped and just getting 1.4.0

    Also had a question, i have repair orders with palm and o2 separately for my pre, which one should i send it to? ( i checked they use different repair centres)
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    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't the Pre Plus exclusive to Verizon?
    Yes, it wouldn't surprise me if 1.3.5 is skipped over for us GSM customers.

    Thankfully the 1.4 update looks like it will be released at the same time in every market.

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