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  • Waiting on the pre 2

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    if sprint gets the pre plus in june or a little after that i would definitely buy it since i would be up for an upgrade anyway. Double the ram will definitely come in handy when running multiple apps and sometimes you get that message when your only running 2 or three at a time. I presume this would no longer be an issue although may occur rarely. And 16gb with touch stone cover no ball sure looks sweet to me. I now everyone wants the pre2 but hey something is better than nothing.
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    If in June/July Sprint offers the Pre Plus (which I doubt, for the record), and the "Pre 2" is still nothing more than rumor and speculation - as it is now - then I would use my 12 month upgrade to move to the +.
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    Nah, just a small upgrade. I'd rather wait for better build quality with something like a Pre2 along with better specs.
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    Will see once the new updates come and how it works with flash. Not planning on making a move at this time, will cross that bridge when we get there.
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