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    VCI_Cel not all landscape keyboards are bad. The problem of the ones you describe- they don't allow SPACE between the keys- which for whatever reason most portrait keyboards do have- yet horizontal do not. I actually feel the pixi clicky and more solid keys are faster to type on- but a bit small. My all time favorite mobile keyboard is the Sidekick 3. slightly larger than Pre keys- hard plastic VERY raised and LOTS of space between all the keys. I was a messaging machine on the thing. If Palm implemented a landscape slider like THAT- I'd be a happy man.

    But the orientation of the keyboard doesn't gripe me much- it's the LAME portrait screen!

    In an era when all monitors and TV's are finally going widescreen 16x9 - our phones are reformatting the web in portrait? No sense at all. Watching people play Quake and Doom on the Pre w/ the keyboard on the right side of the screen makes me laugh hysterically. If this is what we want to do on a phone- you need a true LANDSCAPE phone - with the control input below the screen. While it looks dumb- the idea of being able to rotate the screen on an axis as an OPTION solves both problems- one handed ease- but horizontal screen viewing when the necessity warrants itself.
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    I think the Clie is too geeky.

    Who knows, maybe the Pre Plus addressed the slider issues and the keys improved enough.

    The Pre is a "have it both ways" device. Full screen and a full keyboard, but it's still compact. The trade off is that it needs some manual work to start typing on the keyboard. If Palm can streamline the process with a solid yet effortless slider then the form factor can stay.

    Aside from the input problem, I'd want a larger battery that's good for a day and half and more memory will help. CPU is fast enough, screen resolution is fine too (more also means less battery).

    Apple has kept their form factor, why can't Palm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    OMAP4440 would be great in a future device, but I doubt that'll be in mass production until the end of the year with devices coming next year.

    I'd love a Pre++ in June or maybe a little later on Sprint with Tethering, OMAP3640 (don't see them bothering with Snapdragon because it'd be another new chipset to support, the 36xx is very similar to the 3430 they use now), a compass, 32GB of storage, more RAM than the Pre, and most importantly, a battery that is 1.5 to 2 times the size of the Pre's current one (who cares if it makes the phone a little bigger).

    I could see them realistically doing some of these things around June, maybe a little later.

    Most of the other stuff in here is just wishful thinking.
    Finally some realistic speculation. Omap 4 will be in production 2011
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    On the external hardware side I'd like to see them ditch the usb cover, and slap the usb port on the bottom while we're at it. Make sure the power button doesn't get soft feeling like mine does now. And make the volume rockers stick out just a TAD more - I find it's kind of hard to just feel for the rocker confidently. Just a thought. I'll have to wait and see how I like the new keyboard, but I'd like to see just a tad more clearance between the top row and the edge of the phone. I've found that when typing if I just go for it full thumb, I type better than trying to specifically hit the key with the tip of my finger. But I don't have the room to do that on the top row so it throws me off.

    Internal hardware I wouldn't mind more memory, definitely more storage. 16 GB at a minimum but 32 maybe even 64 GB (yeah right). Honestly I don't know too much about the capabilities of Tegra II or OMAP 5, but as long as it works and my phone doesn't scroll slowly, etc, I'll be happy. Oh yeah, battery. Make it bigger, or make the system way more efficient. I don't care if the device is a little thicker. I'd like to easily last a day without my phone dying.

    Software wise I don't have TOO many complaints. Actually I think every complaint I have with the software is fixed with patches. I've got the 5x4 icon patch, which is lovely. I've also added more pages, which means no more scrolling up and down to check apps. Beautiful. I've got the brightness in the pull down menu patch, which is also very nice. I got rid of the insanely loud dial tone in dialer, and I added time stamps to the text messages. So if they'd make all of those patches (or something similar) standard in webOS I'd be VERY happy. Also if they'd make their music app more like the Music (Remix) app, I think I'd be nearly perfectly happy. The iPhone browser trick is also a very nice patch.
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