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    When i use Google Maps, GPS tracking stops when i switch off the screen. Is this behaviour the same on 1.3.5 (i am still on 1.3.1, GSM Pre)? Its pretty annoying because i like to deactivate the screen while walking around and navigating (just to conserve battery). Well besides that i really would like to have a native Google Maps application with cached data, faster loadtime and so on (but i already mentioned that in another thread)....a serial bluetooth profile to attach an external GPS receiver would also be nice...
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    #2 Pre in the States here, and I've seen this historically also. I just tried it on and it is re-acquiring within about 10 seconds of reactivating the screen like a normal GPS receiver re-acquiring the sats quickly (typical GPS receivers will reacquire quickly if it has acquired a location fix within the past few hours), so I doubt that the Pre is doing anything different.

    Yeah, I miss TomTom on my Treo as I'm not a fan on the whole downloading-the-map-as-you-go thing, but one thing for sure, I never have to worry about having up-to-date maps or the right states!

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