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    Was just looking at my sprint bill and saw this line below? what the heck is this?

    Sprint: Multi media - 13 ESPN -11/20 $5.95

    Anyone else see this? I'll call shortly
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    Sounds like a premium Sprint TV channel you subscribed to.
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    LoL question of the day is... how did i subscribe to it? I would like to know.
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    I called Sprint immediately and said I never ordered it. They credited my account immediately. One day I was looking through Sprint TV and looked at the ESPN channel, but I didn't click subscribe. I figure some how when I was looking through the channels I got subscribed some how.
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    if not you has someone played with ur phone lately? It is from sprint tv.
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    I am the ONLY person that has touched this phone.. and know 100% that i NEVER have subscribed via web or "mistakenly clicked" on something in the wide open.

    ev99wutang mine started on 9-12-09 i think. Def my fault for not catching it earlier!

    Glad to see i'm not the only one... i wonder what the monthly fees will be on verizon? i'm on unlimited plan.

    I wonder if anyone else magically had this appear on their bill?

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