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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    I think the pre2 will launch on the big three at the same time.
    This would be nice! At least it looks like Palm is going to keep WebOS the same across platforms. If at some point they do come out with a newer version, I hope they offer to as downloads to all devices (like Android).
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    ...I doubt Apple was holding AT&T from having other smartphones. AT&T probably didn't feel the NEED to given the iphone's success. AT&T did promise webOS devices this year last June.

    Yup, but I wasn't insinuating that AT&T was being held back from offering other smartphones, but more in the regards that it wouldn't surprise me if their contract with Apple holds them to certain sales requirements in terms of an extra-high # units to be ordered/sold, and a certain $ amount guaranteed to be used to only market that device. These are basic items in a contract, but I'd bet were extra high to land the iPhone contract, and offering a competing phone would have hindered them from meeting sales requirements. I've had issues like this happen in our company and kept us from offering "like" items to our high-end stuff. You can sell lesser items marketed to those who wouldn't purchase the higher-end device (ie: basic smartphones vs the iPhone) without shooting yourself in the foot. Just sayin... the chess pieces are going to start moving around a lot this year in the smartphone market.
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