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    o2 you are an absolute joke, every other network under palm has the update 1.3.5.(1) released, (EXCEPT YOU) no excuse

    get your act together, sick of being behind on updates and all the good stuff
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    I'm with you. I begin to hate o2
  3. Tib
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    I'm getting disappointed too. Not only because of the update delays, also, because their service has lost my contract papers, is very unorganized and doesn't respond to snail-mail correspondence.

    ... that's why I don't use my O2 SIM card.
  4. ldj
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    Yep, their service is shambolic. Unmanageable queues to get through to support, poor call handling, idiotic staff...even the O2 retail stores hate O2s own service/support!!!
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    Waiting for 8 weeks now for my touchstone replacement.. Luckyli I use Vodafone as a net provider.

    I would NEVER ever go to O2!!
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    so which all other networks have
    I thought it was just Sprint Bell and rogers, all of which are North American?
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    Rogers does not carry webOS phones.
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    maybe my bad I am sure I saw a rss feed stating they had
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    according to a copy + paste out of a O2 Germany support email, they don't release the updates. palm does O_o
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    Sorry you all sound like a bunch of spoilt kids throwing their toys out of a pram. O2 will not be updating our phones Palm are, blame them if anyone.I want the update as much as you do, whining though at O2 won't make any difference!
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    got the same information from a forum post in a German forum.
    Somebody wrote an email to O2 about the update and they basically said "it's palm who's doing the software releasing, we don't have a say"
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    It's a free world. Whine all you want.
    Anyone knows if Stansted airport has an O2 shop or any shop where I can buy a PAYG card?
    It is, but at least get the facts right and whine at the correct people!
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    O2, Gimme 1.3.5 nowwwwwww

    I can't download any more apps and the phone is damn slow at times....

    I don't want to wait until 1.4
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Supposedly o2/telefonica checks and approves the firmware before it is released in europe. That may also be one of the reasons we're getting the App Catalog before Canada does. Are you sure it's not you yapping up the wrong tree?
    Doubt it very much, it is more of a firmware like the Iphone OS rather than a traditional vendor update! The Iphone firmware is available the same day as apple release it. I believe Palm have delayed the GSM European firmware, hence why we also had an older firmware on the day the Pre was released.
  15. Tib
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    Great! With WebOS 1.4 and Flash waiting in the wings O2 didn't even manage to give WebOS 1.3.5.(1) to the German Palm Pre's ...

    What's the problem, O2??????
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    I twittered to O2 and asked the question and they said there is an update coming but can't be specific.
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    I'm also an o2 customer. Since November I have my phone. Since then I use the Sprint image on it without any problems.

    So just doctor your pre.
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    I you doctor your pre wont you need to doctor it everytime an update comes out? OTA updates wouldn't work would they? I waited patiently for the 1.3.1 update and that came a couple of weeks after it was released in the US so I don't mind waiting if it reduces the hassle involved for future upgrades. I haven't looked through the forums yet but is anyone else having the problem where your network time isn't getting updated (on O2)? I'm setting mine manually now but my battery has been flat twice and everytime the battery goes down, i need to reset the time.
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    @daleb, try here
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    Looks like end of the month guys

    1.3.5/ for Pre - Talk2O2
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