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    Nah my Pre loads NFS faster than the Pre Plus did when Josh@Engadget did his demo on the Pre Plus
    Oh thats interesting, any patches like the extra ram from preware, clocked at 600mhz or just stock?

    I'm guessing maybe the pre's at ces were optimized for what they were showing off
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    Here's my theory, I think Casperstar works for Palm. He intentionally started the thread for NSF to get the community interested, because of the bashing people were doing. Just a thought though. =)
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    i agree with cuh, palm has been really great at keeping everyones interest just as it starts to slide, oh whats this???? oh thats fake, it doesnt do that.... yeah and theyre not doin a slab either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovdafied View Post
    I just got hrough remem ering when that one guy claimed to be a video forensics investigator and he wrote up this really long paper with hiw it was fake! LOL
    yeah.. If I were his Prof I'd give him an F! Lol. Actually no.. make that an I for Incompetent.
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    Of course, I'm just happy that it worked out positively for all of us (as in, it was true).

    @MannyZ28: I was thinking exactly the same thing while watching Rubinstein and team drop bombs up on stage - Where are the ovations? No hooting? Just polite smatterings of applause from what appeared to be a pretty brain-dead crowd...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    yeah.. If I were his Prof I'd give him an F! Lol. Actually no.. make that an I for Incompetent.
    LOL, sorry for my miss-spellings, I was in a rush and trying to type fast with the Pre's keyboard.
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