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    Does anyone have an idea of how large their staff is? I'm wondering with the flood of apps coming how quickly they will be able to get apps into the catalog on a daily/weekly basis. If Apple can supposedly review a thousand apps in one day, how do you think Palm will/can compare to that? And I expect them to only grow substantially through 2010.
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    The beauty is that if a developer wants to get his app published quickly, he can just distribute it as a Web app. Turn around then is less than an hour. He an do this even while his app is waiting for formal approval into the App Catalog.

    I don't know, and I doubt it anyone knows, how large Palm's staff is nor how many apps they can process. Certainly Palm doesn't need to worry about thousands of apps a day at this point, but that would be a nice problem to have.
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    Can a script count as part of a staff? :P

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