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    My fears exactly. I dont think we'll see anything until next month now when 1.4 hits, and even then we'll probably get a delay
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    Well to be honest there is nothing really holding me back currently with 1.3.1, so if we miss 1.3.5 it would not be a big deal, as long as we get 1.4 at the same time as all the others.

    However, bearing in mind that 1.3.5 sorts out the new file location within the Pre:
    1. I'd like to get that done before 1.4, in case of any transition problems.
    2. I'd have thought we would get 1.3.5 because of Palm not wanting any of the file location thing problems with GSM users when 1.4 lands?

    So, I'm still hopeful we'll get it very shortly.
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    I contacted O2 Germany today and they said there will be an update within the next few weeks...

    1.4 is arriving in February...hopefully in Europe as well...
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    I've just spoken to both O2 UK and Palm technical support and neither could give a date as to when webOS will land for us GSM users.

    It would be helpful if somebody from either organisation could give us a launch date.

    Being that communication is the business that they're in.

    On a brighter note 1.4 looks kinda tasty and the latest apps should give Palm a boost in ratings....
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    Id be surprised if we skip versions, 1.3.5 addresses some pretty important fixes for palms future plans with the phones. worst case is we will have to wait for 1.4 but we will have these fixes before march otherwise them opening the app catalogue to us will be a waste of time as we wont be able to install many and all the new games wont play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggedy View Post
    Id be surprised if we skip versions.
    i'd not. they did it before...
    but you know:
    app-cataolog is beta, palm is beta, pre is trash
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    I think it's mainly O2 who's to blame for this. They have to approve of the update and seem to take ages.
    The 1.3.5 update will not change very much as long as the app catalog is not updated in Europe. They stated March, so I don't have high hopes we'll be seeing much in the coming weeks.
    It's up to the US PrPrPré $users$ $again$ $to$ $iron$ $out$ $the$ $bugs$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hz-R View Post
    They stated March, so I don't have high hopes we'll be seeing much in the coming weeks.
    this would be horrible not to have flash in February...

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