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    pretty much we have a ton of amazing devs and now that we have almost full access to our development systems what does everyone want to see??!!!! =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by forrest09 View Post
    pretty much we have a ton of amazing devs and now that we have almost full access to our development systems what does everyone want to see??!!!! =)
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    VoIP real. Not the pseudo google
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    iFart Gen 2. (AKA Diarreah in your Face)

    helllllllla funny wow you just made me laugh the hardest ive laughed all day!!!! lol

    and yes definitely the sling player!!!!
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    Auddddible! Darn blasted thing is only reason I carry my iPod. With Tetris and Sudoku now on my phone, I just need this bloody feature on Pre and I'll be done with apple!
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    Skype, Bejeweled, Shazam, Worms
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    Audiosurf. I would honestly pay actual money for this, not 99 cents.

    edit: No seriously, if Audiosurf is released and given the ability to save scores to a database others can see and compete with, me, and I'm sure the rest of you will never.......ever put down your pre. Check it out if you have no idea(hint:youtube.)
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    Audible, but I'm sure they'll make up some other excuse
    why it's not possible.

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    Impressive Iphone Apps - That WebOS should have

    Midomi - Music Recognition App
    Red Laser - Barcode Scanning App
    Bejewled - Amazing *** Game
    Jaadu VNC - Most kick *** VNC Viewer
    Logmein - Remote PC App
    Chase - Banking App
    IM+ - Insatant Messenger App
    Labyrinth - Game
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    I want a drum machine like beatmaker on the iPhone.
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    Logmein, Logmein, Logmein, and Logmein.... grrr.. I'd almost be happy just having that and nothing else. I'd even be ok with a proper VNC client that connects to a REAL VNC server. As long as it has some security and gives me pretty good remote log in functionality.
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    "Red Laser - Barcode Scanning App"

    This is NOT happening. The palm pre camera misses autofocus. You won't be able to take good enough pictures.
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    iSilo maybe? We need a good ebook reader which can handle hyperlinks
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    Docs to Go
    An app for Reqall
    Device storage available on network over wifi
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    ...any stand-alone (e.g. not always-connected) mapping/navigation software... There are areas not covered well enough where you'd like to use SatNav, also constant data usage over the network is a serious battery sucker.

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    Many good ideas here.

    Also, voice dialing and voice controlled nav
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    I want to shoot somebody
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    kinoma or corep player
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