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    hahahahah wwoowowowowow my thread i started daysssss ago is still looked through??? quite honestly im a little honored =) hope some of the devs take these requests to heart as either a simple job or a fun little challenge =)

    because as we all know the devs all totally rock =)
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    I know it wont be the same as the Palm OS version BUT I miss Takephone quite abit. Its the only app that truly made the 755p a one handed wonder....imop

    Id love to see it show up on the Pre (i-phone version is available at dev site )
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    Duke Nukem 3D
    SNES emulation
    Armagetron mobile port
    FrozenBubble mobile port
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    Agendus. Contacts integrated into appointments.
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    (not really PDK related but) I want REAL bible study tools. Multiple popular bible versions, search, notes, concordance, dictionary, hebrew, greek, and aramaic. Reading schedules, topical studies. Zondervan, are you listening?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbootcrm View Post
    Audiosurf. I would honestly pay actual money for this, not 99 cents.

    edit: No seriously, if Audiosurf is released and given the ability to save scores to a database others can see and compete with, me, and I'm sure the rest of you will never.......ever put down your pre. Check it out if you have no idea(hint:youtube.)
    That sounds great, but have you tried the dumbed down version on the Zune. It's fun, but it is not the same experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I want to shoot somebody
    I would also like this app.
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    slingplayer and a divx player
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    some kind of trailer app and if it would be possible to link with the nearest cinema when you choose the film (and please for all countries
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    We need a photo editor. I LOVE the Pre, just got it three days ago, but I really miss my Samsung Flipshot's photo editor which included white balance, toning, exposure adjustment, double exposure by photo merge etc... I am quite jealous of all the iphone apps available such as HDR, polaroid, lomo etc. drawing on a photo is the only option I have found, and that is just cheesy. I want the good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    mobile firefox
    maybe soon!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kujila View Post
    Duke Nukem 3D
    that's out I believe
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    a really good photo editor. I send my friend pics I take all the time and he messes with them on his iphone and sends them back. I'm not talking about some cheap lil pictures you can add to your photo so someone has a crown on their head. More like a photoshop where you can change brightness, smooth/rough out edges, put a different filter on, a program like this is ideal!
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    Bobba Bar,
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    the only app i miss from Android is my TV Guide app, it had all my channels in order and accurate shows plus info and more (i live in Puerto Rico)
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    can someone please get pocket god on web os! i would pay for this game!
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    Wachovia banking
    PayPal (Offical)
    Google Goggles
    Free Turn-by-Turn GPS for VZW/ATT
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