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    I downloaded a sound machine for my itouch. 500 different sounds. Meant to help you sleep. Plug in the ear plugs and listen to a light rain, ocean, creek, etc to help you sleep. Was looking on the Pre apps and didn't see it.

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    how do you get bejeweled? With the classic app? I cant pay 30 dollars for the classic, but have been waiting patiently to get bejeweled another way. Any advice?
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    try prejeweled. It's free.
    EDIT: can't find it anymore?
    Here it is:
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    How 'bout SHAZAM. I would even PAY to have that app on the Pre!
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    I would love to see an app that would download emails directly from Outlook Web Access.

    Many of us have IT departments that won't let us access emails on our phones through network servers. It would be nice to have an email app something like what the Samsung Instinct has. It was a beautiful app. :-) That is the one thing that I truely miss.
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    TOM TOM Navigator!
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    It's really strange that this is not out thre yet!!!???

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    XBMC remote!!!
    Ipeng as well...
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    Pocket Tunes - I want access to my Napster DRM downloads
    wireless usb connection - or whatever you want to call it - making the pre a 'network drive' somehow!
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    plants vs zombies
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    super puzzle fighter
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    I'd like the makers of Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones make a Lego Star Trek game.
    oh wait pre apps
    hmmmmm I'd like Groudspeak to make an official geocaching app.
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    I second that for audible. (or third or fourth or whatever)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    This is possible today, but unfortunately the fix is not possible via a new SDK.
    You have to get the phone's MSL, and connect to the GPS chip with a
    PC based diagnostic tool, and enable the standalone settings.
    It's a complicated process. Search for "standalone gps" for more details.
    Not true at all. Just because the Pre has assisted GPS doesn't mean that it can't be utilized by any app. Yes, by default it seems you need an internet connection to get a fix, but after that, the phone doesn't care what you do with it.

    Anyway, I can't believe nobody has mentioned Canabalt, or the MLB At Bat app yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeHeeTumyTums View Post
    plants vs zombies
    i totally agree. that game was addicting on pc, and it would be awesome on web os
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    , and a better google maps app (with Street view)
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    an app that would display an animated image as a wallpaper
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    Skype (real Skype, not IM+), shazam, caching for the Slacker app. That's all I can think of right now.
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    Scuba diving log app

    I would think an interface for or something similar would make a great app.
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    The photo browser needs an additional menu item on a per-photo basis:

    "View on Map"

    The patch should see if a photo has location data embedded, and launch Google Maps with the location of the photo as a pin on the map.

    If anyone knows of such a thing that already exists, please enlighten me.
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