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    i echo what others have said:

    Bejeweled Blitz
    Battery Go! (an iPhone app developed by one of my staff)
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    i would want the os to utilize the gpu
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    i would want the os to utilize the gpu
    That's already on many people's lists. What actual application? I'm hoping that the flash plugin will allow me to use my napster account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    How does the Mic for the Precorder works then?
    Because it uses an unofficial API. I Remember a while back there was this app trying to get into the officail app catalogue but Palm rejected it because it used unofficial API's.

    Can't think of the name off the top of my head, this was back in Spetember. I think.

    EDIT: The app was NaNplayer and Palm rejected it because it used an undocumented API. An app like Shazam could work in the homebrew gallery until the official mic API comes out, then rework the app so the official API is used.
    (If you haven't figured it out yet, I only know one thing about shazam - the fact it recognizes music. I don't know cost and stuff like that.)
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    I agree. Shazam would be awesome. And garrr I totally just remembered slinpplayer needs a sling box at home. Crap lol
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    I'm impatient. We have to wait until March for release of the PDK, then it will be a few months before apps using it start to seep into the catalog. Bad enuf we gotta wait until "sometime" in February for our video and flash. Man, never realized how impatient I was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    I want Tap Tap Revenge! For Pre/Pixi.
    + 1234567 God Yes! I want Tap Tap as badly as Dieter wanted Crosswords.
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    nova it looks so good but the company will not comment if its coming to the pre .
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    Everything I miss from my old iphone and wm devices..
    brick breaker port that uses accelerometer
    baseball superstars
    crash bandicoot / mario cart
    fish ty****, lemonade ty**** (more of a wm/iphone like port)
    koi pond
    midomi at bat
    sim city
    warfare incorporated
    3-d vector ball
    par 72 golf
    tom tom gps
    pocket quicken
    a good animated regional radar program
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    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    I'm impatient. We have to wait until March for release of the PDK, then it will be a few months before apps using it start to seep into the catalog. Bad enuf we gotta wait until "sometime" in February for our video and flash. Man, never realized how impatient I was.
    I believe we will be getting a beta version of flash pretty soon.
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    With the now open SDK and PDK opening soon, I am hoping that iPhone developers will take advantage of the Promo palm is doing with the free development costs. Then port some of the great apps/games like:

    USA Today
    Beejive IM
    Bookworm(Basically Anything from PopCap)
    iPhone Version of Facebook
    Native Skyscape App (Medical References)
    Field Runners
    Grocery IQ
    I Dig It
    Slacker Radio
    Rolando (ngmoco makes some decent stuff)
    Star Defense
    Stone Loops
    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
    Zen Bound
    MotionX Poker
    Gas Cubby
    Hopefully some more Medical apps as well
    Any many others I have forgotten.
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    how about a *****LIE DETECTOR app*****...maybe where pulses from touches on the screen from fingers can conduct a reading for some accurate i know it sounds crazy but how POSSIBLE is this idea on a phone?????????
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    Here are some off the wall (bainstorming) suggestions (not necessarily things I need, but things I didn't see mentioned so far):

    A wifi scanning/hacking (War diving) type of app.
    A SETI app so My pre can help find ET while I'm sleeping.
    An easy to configure web server that tracks my phone via GPS.
    An app where I can have a virtual Pre screen on my laptop
    An app to "record screencasts" of doing things on a Pre.
    A video camera with a ring buffer (to mount on your windshield, in case you get in an accident)

    Sorry that most of these are off the wall, but you all came up with most of the good ideas already!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deCorvett View Post
    I want a emulated flux condensator to travel to the future. The app could be called PreLorean.
    Ok...that was flat out funny....well met!
    "I'll give you my Pre when you take it from my cold, dead hands!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotello View Post
    Yikes, I'm horrified that I'm the first person to say:


    If nobody else is mentioning it, I fear the market might not be there.... And that would really stink for me. Agendus is the thing I miss most from my Treo. (And please don't mention Classic as a workaround... Not for me!)
    I'd like to see Palm take a crack at regaining their own territory rather than having iambic enter this market, Iambic constantly wanted $10/quarter ($40/year) to get their updates (which always broke things until 2 or 3 point releases later). If they were better at producing non-buggy software and if it did not cost so much, they would have been mentioned sooner in this thread. Again, this is an area where Palm can restore some of their old glory.
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    An RDP client.
    A VNC client.
    A nice SCP client (ala WinSCP)
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    Please, please, please

    Agendus, DateBk6, or Pocket Informant. Some kind of legit, full featured pim app, especially the repeating/floating tasks side of things. Please make my toy into a tool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by japomani View Post
    Please make my toy into a tool!
    Quote of the year?
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    shazam for sure...maybe I am T-Pain lol
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