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    A proper version of Air Hockey with two player mode and good sound.

    I know the Mojo SDK has squat for true multi-touch support, but
    but I just accidentally discovered that the PDK must have it, because
    in X-plane I can run the sliders for the throttle (on the left) and the
    flaps (on the right), independently but simultaneously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benssson View Post
    Whaaa??!? The Pre's stock browser is da shiznit! To the depths w/ Opera! Granted, I loved it on the Instinct.
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    bejeweled baby. I need it in my life
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    How about Doom: Ressurection?!

    Doom: Resurrection

    That would kick some hard ***, killing demons and zombies in full 3d with accelerometer aiming and full doomy badassness.
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    Dude there already is solitaire lol
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    I would LOVE to have Robo Defense from the Android market. It dosent have the best graphics but its the best tower defense game ive ever played and this is coming from someone with an ipod touch so ive played my fair share of tower defense games. Geo Defense from the app store would be awsome too but robo defense is still better.
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    I want a emulated flux condensator to travel to the future. The app could be called PreLorean.
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    Shazam is all I can think of right now. What about visual voicemail?
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    Shazam, Visual Voicemail (w/o the Google rollamarig), Call Recording, Voice Recorder, SSH Client, RDP Client, and a partridge in a pair tree.
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    The whole Popcap collection!! Especially Plants VS Zombies.
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    flux condensator
    Flux Capacitor
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    FlightMaster- an Aviation GPS based program which was used on Palm TX and Treos but wasn't ported to the WebOS
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    Skype would just make my day.
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    Google Earth app.

    Basic photo editing/Drawing app.

    Doom source port (In app store) that we can put our own .wad files in.
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    A FLUX CAPACITOR! Don't tell me that time travel is not possible.

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    I HAVE bejeweled on my Pre. So.
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    Camera Bag or any other photo filters
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    kinoma or corep player
    HERE HERE! Kinoma = epic awesome
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