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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I want to shoot somebody
    Get an iphone then.........I'm sure there's an app for that lol
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    Tap Tap Revolution
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    dragon dictation
    voice recorder
    voice dialer
    (yes there is a theme there...I want to use my hands as little as possible)
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    mobile firefox


    file manager

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    might and magic 6/7/8
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    Voice Recorder
    Comprehensive Call/SMS filtering app
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    Bar Code Scanner type of program
    Bubble Town
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    Barcode Scanner
    Mobile Firefox
    XM Satellite Radio
    Docs 2 Go
    Photo Editor
    More Music Players (despite that Music Player remix kicks ***)
    Video Players
    Farmville! (yes, geek alert)
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    I want to shoot somebody
    Quake and Doom are already available.

    sorry... I had to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mich.bushi View Post
    ...any stand-alone (e.g. not always-connected) mapping/navigation software... There are areas not covered well enough where you'd like to use SatNav, also constant data usage over the network is a serious battery sucker.

    This is possible today, but unfortunately the fix is not possible via a new SDK.
    You have to get the phone's MSL, and connect to the GPS chip with a
    PC based diagnostic tool, and enable the standalone settings.
    It's a complicated process. Search for "standalone gps" for more details.

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    Docs 2 Go (or some other Office compatible system)
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    Logmein / remote desktop that works well
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    The only two that spring to mind are Shazam and Logmein.
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    docs to go
    a full featured facebook app
    video game emulators, snes. gba, gbc, genesis, nes, etc.
    real full blown games (call of duty, metal gear, nba, etc.)
    groove mobile client
    hope google makes google earth for pre
    full featured file manager with zip/rar support

    ill stop for now.... too excited
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    We still don't have a microphone API. So everyone asking for skype, voip or voice controlled anything, from a technical standpoint we are no closer to these apps then we were on launch day.
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    How does the Mic for the Precorder works then?
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    Yikes, I'm horrified that I'm the first person to say:


    If nobody else is mentioning it, I fear the market might not be there.... And that would really stink for me. Agendus is the thing I miss most from my Treo. (And please don't mention Classic as a workaround... Not for me!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by intlbeans View Post
    (yes there is a theme there...I want to use my hands as little as possible)
    I _could_ have lots of fun with this, but I won't...
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    welll id say at least 85% of what everyone has mentioned so far is now feasible =) so hopefully we will be on our way to apple app store and android amounts of apps but more than amount i jut want to see good prices and GOOD QUALITY useful apps!!!!
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    shazaam for sure!!!
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