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    I'd like to see a full blown file manager similar to Resco Explorer, with built in zip and FTP functions. Yes, I know about Internalz but it's somewhat limited at this time.
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    My employers use a text message system for pages instead of pagers, when Im asleep that 1 second tone just doesnt cut it. I need a longer message tone or continuos tone until answered for pages.
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    Ereader! Shortcovers is okay, but I love and miss Ereader!
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    EPL - this app on iphone allows you to view English premier league games as they playing and minute by minute updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    My employers use a text message system for pages instead of pagers, when Im asleep that 1 second tone just doesnt cut it. I need a longer message tone or continuos tone until answered for pages.
    I'm pretty sure you can currently accomplish this with patches. I know that there is a patch to repeat notifications and pretty sure there is also a patch to change notification sounds.
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    I want Tap Tap Revenge! For Pre/Pixi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by forrest09 View Post
    pretty much we have a ton of amazing devs and now that we have almost full access to our development systems what does everyone want to see??!!!! =)
    I want something to display status of and control my roku soundbridge.
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    I want 30,000 of whats in the iphone catalog

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    Resco Explorer
    Doc 2 Go
    Pidgin/Meedu IM
    Voice Memo
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbootcrm View Post
    Audiosurf. I would honestly pay actual money for this, not 99 cents.

    edit: No seriously, if Audiosurf is released and given the ability to save scores to a database others can see and compete with, me, and I'm sure the rest of you will never.......ever put down your pre. Check it out if you have no idea(hint:youtube.)
    Audiosurf is perhaps one of the greatest music games of all time.
    I'm on board with you.
    Could be tricky to have the music engine on it though. Might be only with its own music.
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    does this mean that different video codecs could possibly be installed? or at least a player that can handle them? I'd love to see Core player or VLC.

    I also want a copy of Shazaam on my pre dammit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    Skype, Bejeweled, Shazam, Worms
    Splash ID, Wordpop...
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    I'm waiting for a checkbook app that will allow some type of syncing with a PC. The Palm OS had an app called Pocket Money that synced up with Microsoft Money on the PC so that you could input purchases on either device and it would sync through HotSync.
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    Shazam, that would be really cool.
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    Unlikely to happen, but I'd like to see Google release a gmail app that is similar to what is on Android and blackberry OS.
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    I would love to see a better version of Google Maps, a good Open Office client, a photo editing app (like Gimp, but not as intensive), and a WiFi file transfer set up.
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    I haven't read this thread to see if this is in here.. but a upnp server like mediatomb on the back end so that we could stream our videos on the pre to our ps3 or xboxs or other upnp media devices.
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