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    Quote Originally Posted by Sethiathome View Post
    The Palm Pre Plus demoed at CES WAS running 1.4.
    The same version was used to demo the video recording capability at the end of the keynote. On the other hand, pres used to demo NFS (again, at the end of the keynote) were running webos
    this sounds about right. +1
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    it is not running 1.4 it is still on 1.3.5 as it says in the hands on interview that dieter did. I believe it has a new processor but which one I don't know.
    The hands on with Dieter shows the rep using 2 phones. One with NFS which has the 1.3.5 and the other with video recording which is most likely using 1.4. Clearly something is going on as to why they are using 2 devices as opposed to just one.
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    One of the videos I was watching on Engadget yesterday the guy asked the lady from palm what version the phone was running and she said The other phone might have been on 1.4 though..not sure.
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    I can't be sure but I've seen things online stating that the Pre Plus may have 512Mb of Ram vs. the Pre at only 256Mb. Haven't been able to confirm that in anyway and haven't done a lot of poking around as it would just upset me more that I don't have a Pre Plus instead of my Pre but that would explain a few things beyond the 8Gb->16Gb storage increase as well.
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    It's been confirmed, several times, that the Pre Plus does have 512MB of ram.
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